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ND-ES Lab Electrospinning Unit


ND-ES has been designed for the production and deposition of nanofibers on different substrates. For this purpose, the ND-ES systems has an emitter which is connected to a controlable high voltage source and offers the posibility of including a flat or cylindrical collector. Moreover, the system allows an accurate control of the distance between the emitter and the collector thanks to the software.

The dissolution is supplied through a syringe pump which offers high precision, versatility, inter-change and an easily to use system. In this sense, it is possible to carry out depositions with a wide range of flows.

  ND-ES Electrospinning Unit


The ND-ES is controlled by user-friendly software based on Windows®, which allows programming different sequences adjusting parameters such as emitter position, voltage, deposition time, drum collector speed or flow rate. All these developed sequences can be stored in the PC for its subsequent recovery.



ND-ES Lab Electrospinning Unit


High Voltage Supply

0 a 30 kV


Electrodes distance

50 - 200 mm



Planar - Drum



Up to 50 ml


Minimum flow rate

0.005 ml/h


Maximum flow rate

600 ml/h












Advanced Materials

Filter media which contains nanofibers has been utilized to purify air which contains solid particles and liquid particles. Preliminary investigations have indicated that compared to conventional textiles the electrospun nanofibers present both minimal impedance to moisture vapor diffusion and extremely efficiency in trapping dust and aerosol particles. These features makes this material ideal for protective clothing.

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Filter Media & Protective Clothing

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Composite Reinforcement

Nanofiber reinforced polymer composite materials have been investigated in aerospace, automobile, sports items and electrical products because of the superior structural properties which cannot be obtained by sole materials.

Energy & Electronics

Researchers have been working on the design of new polymer batteries and supercapacitor using conductive polymer nanofibers with Electrospinning.

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Polymer Batteries

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Electrospun polymer nanofibers have been investigated as gas sensors, chemical sensors, optical sensors and biosensors. It is considered that high sensitive sensors can be assembled by nanofibers which possess high surface to volume ratio.


Researchers have recently focused on the usage of Electrospinning Lab Unit for the manufacture of polymer nanofiber membranes which encapsulate medical drugs instead of conventional polymeric materials.

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Drug Release

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Tissue Scaffolds & Wound Dressing

Electrospinning technology has been investigated for the utilization of electrospun polymer nanofibers to repair human tissues such as blood vessel, cartilage, bone, nerve and skin. Also, the electrospun nanofibrous membrane has been used in the wound dressing field to repair the skin damaged.

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